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Welcome to the University of Portsmouth Photography Society WikiEdit

The Portsmouth University Photography Society is put simply, a group of students with a passion for photography. Members benefit from photography tutorials, trips and social activities; and once you become a paid member, unlimited equipment hire too. We form a large group of friendly photographers, that get together to learn new skills, and put them to the test. We have Tuesday sessions each week, as well as trips at weekends.

Web Presence Edit

Current CommitteeEdit


  • President: Katy Coles
  • Vice President: Nydia Jara
  • Secretary: Imge Akyener
  • Treasurer: Lidwina Ho
  • Events Manager: Conrad Bullows Weeks

Previous Committees Edit


  • President: Scott Allaway
  • Vice President: Vishnu Jayan (Vee Jay)
  • Secretary: Zay Afzal
  • Treasurer: Rohana Dewfall
  • Events Manager: Liz Hutchins


  • President: Marcus Cole
  • Vice President: Scott Allaway
  • Secretary: Liz Hutchins
  • Treasurer: Gareth Jones
  • Events Manager: Abi Simmons


  • President: Marcus Cole
  • Vice President: Heather Singleton (2014) and Scott Allaway (2015)
  • Secretary: Liz Hutchins
  • Treasurer: Amy Philips
  • Publicity Officer: Gareth Jones
  • Social Secretary: Scott Allaway (2014) and Mikey Nusky Fenuku (2015)
  • Equipment Manager: Howard Keats


  • President: Kofi Agyemang
  • Vice President: Jack Jarvie
  • Secretary: Heather Singleton
  • Treasurer: Leong Chye Tan (Leo)
  • Social Secretary:  Sabina Ma (2013) and Scott Allaway (2014)
  • Web Officer: Jack Mulholland
  • Film Officer: Marcus Cole
  • Publicity Officer: Ilyas Hamdard


  • President: Helen Wood
  • Vice President: Iain Summerfield
  • Treasurer: Amelia Woodard
  • Publicity Officer: Kofi Ageymang
  • Social Secretary: Maria Bernat
  • Webmaster: Jack Jarvie


  • President: Nichola Shaw
  • Vice President: Jack Foster
  • Social Secretary: Maria Bernat


  • President: Krish Mistry
  • Vice President: Jamie Murphy
  • Secretary: Chi-Hang Bobby Lau
  • Treasurer: Maria Fernandes (Angie)
  • Social Secretary: Gary Way
  • Events Manager: Adam Parkes
  • Publicity Officer: Chris Yeoh
  • Webmaster: Kevin Wilkins


  • President: Adam Parkes
  • Vice President: Gary Way
  • Treasurer: John Andrews
  • Other Committee Members (Positions Unknown): Angie Fernandes, Chris Yeoh, and Ghiuzan.


  • President: Dan Smyth


  • President:


  • President: Gordon (Surname Unknown)

Events Edit

The Events Team collaborates with other Portsmouth University based societies allowing members to gain photographic experience in a variety of events, from sports to shows, parties to private functions, as well as formal studio shots. Where appropriate, the committee offers training before and during events. Open to any member who is eager to develop their photography skills, regardless of experience and what equipment they have. Photosoc can provide kit where necessary.


Photosoc owns a range of studio equipment including a range of backdrops, umbrellas, flashes, triggers, and reflectors. We also run studio workshops catering for all abilities, in both informal and formal environments.


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